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CFP- Belgium exists since 1986 and is the Belgian federation for the Commercial Film Producers. It’s the contact point for the Production houses and acts in the interests of them towards other professional associations and organisations.

The members function according to the CFP-Belgium Charter (Download here).

CFP-Belgium is member of the European CFP association (Commercial Film Producers of Europe –, which currently unifies 17 European countries.

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EuroMillions - Chocolate lace

Client: EuroMillions
Agency: TBWA
CD: Jeroen Bostoen
Creation: Sven Pede – Louise Windels
RTV Producer: Mieke Vandewalle & Cindy De Mooter

Production company: CAVIAR

Executive Producer: Ilse Joye
Producer: Geert De Wachter
Director: Los Perez
Photographer: Klaarke Meert
Dop: Jose Luis Bernal
3D: Benuts
Sound Ingeneer: Jan Pollet & Arne De Beyler
Colorgrading: Kene Illegems