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A quick glance is enough to understand that the screenplay was tailored to measure for Indra. Besides, aren’t the child and the poetry in his eyes the viewer’s accomplices? The team was so lucky: it took no longer than a weekend to shoot the three films. And what a weekend it was, caught between some late snowflakes and such brave new sunshine! BUF added some magic to the CGI and Sonicville composed the musical silence between the notes.


CFP- Belgium exists since 1986 and is the Belgian federation for the Commercial Film Producers. It’s the contact point for the Production houses and acts in the interests of them towards other professional associations and organisations.

The members function according to the CFP-Belgium Charter (Download here).

CFP-Belgium is member of the European CFP association (Commercial Film Producers of Europe –, which currently unifies 17 European countries.

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Production of
The month by Latcho Drom

Bebat Bureau 2017

Client: Bebat
Agency: Lielens
Brand Architect: Tanguy De Prest
Creation: Maxime Deliège
Account: Véronique De Splenter

Production company: Latcho Drom
Producer: Jeroen Berx
Director: Indra Siera
Dop: Frank van den Eeden

Postproduction Manager: Yves Van Herstraeten
Image Postproduction: BUF Paris
Sound Postproduction: Sonicville